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Some suggestions about tab-cycle order in the settings window…

If the tree-view has focus, pressing Tab highlights/focuses Quit, Start, Cancel, then (usually) the first control on the right side. I think it would be better to make the first press of Tab focus the first control on the right, since the user probably wants to change one of the settings there. (The user could press Shift-Tab to focus Start/Cancel/Quit. And actually, when the tree-view has focus pressing Return starts emulation.)

Also, I noticed a slight issue with Tab-focusing with some settings pages. Not sure if this is a bug or just something strange about the Windows common controls. Example:
  • With tree-view focused, press Down until the Miscellaneous page is shown on the right.
  • Press Tab, Tab, Tab. At that point Cancel should have focus. Press Tab again. It seems Start has focus, kind of: its border is bold and if you press Return emulation starts. But the list view of options seems to also have focus, but there's no visual indication of that; if you press Down the first entry in the list (Untrap = middle button) is highlighted.
  • Similarly on the Pri. & Extensions page: Press Tab until focus reaches Cancel. Pressing Tab again seems to focus the When active/Run at priority drop-down box but there's no visual indication of that. But if you press Tab once more (or press Down) it is highlighted. If you continue to press Tab, notice that pressing Tab when Disable sound has focus doesn't seem to focus anything (no visual indication). But press Down (or Tab again) and the When inactive/Run at priority drop-down box gets focus.
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