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Regarding the price talk, it's just a simple fact of how much the parts cost. When the project started initially Majsta was going to use something like an 18k LE FPGA, that was cheap. As they started to add features like RTG then realized how much space the CPU+FPU was going to take up they had to upgrade to a 40k LE FPGA-that costs more.

The team doesn't have the money to buy $100,000 worth of parts up front so they buy for the cheapest price they can when they do a batch. Those batches are relatively small so when they go to place an order they are at the whims of their suppliers how much it is going to cost in a given month. Then people complained about how long the waiting list was, now some components are getting pre-assembled in a factory that costs more. To me, waiting a couple months for assembly versus waiting a year or two is worth the extra expense.

I'm not part of the Apollo team-these are just my observations and my opinions are in no way are endorsed or verified by the Apollo team.
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