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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
.. I don't think it would've begun copying files if the disk name was wrong.
why not just copy your prefered images in a folder inside OpalPaint drawer.
create a new folder like:
mkdir OpalVision:MyImages
and copy those images into the new folder
much less trouble than fixing the installer or creating new install disks.
So, I double click the assigns file you sent (w/ PS4.0 on the icon) and...

no cancels whatsoever. (seemless)
so i do it here on my box, one more click, but it works.

I try assign OpalPaint: dh1:apps/OpalPaint but it asks to insert drive dh1 on boot. So I change it to OpalPaint: dh0:apps/OpalPaint but same thing (cancels sandwiched in on boot) So then I try OpalPaint: dh0:apps/OpalVision/OpalPaint
that was my path, just as an example.
you have to use your path to opalpaint folder.

from reading below, you path (maybe) is:
assign OpalPaint: dh0:OpalPaint/
assign OpalVision: dh0:OpalPaint/

How come

run > NIL: dh0:OpalVision/OpalPaint >NIL:

starts Opal Paint no problem, but...

run > NIL: dh0:OpalVision/assigns >NIL:

does not start the assigns file?Attachment 51199
now i understand when you were referring to PS - i was just using an already existing icon, this belongs to PageStream 4.0.
i'm using the same procedure to make some assigns for pagestream this way.

run will start only (think) executable this way, for the script try:
cd dh0:OpalVision/
execute > NIL: dh0:OpalVision/assigns >NIL:

this should work.

PS also noticed in the above command, a space in between the > and NIL on the fist portion "> NIL:" of the line and at the end of the line, no space ">NIL:" It's working, so assume this is correct? (working on OpalPaint, not assigns file lol)
'm not sure about the exact way to write it, but both versions work,
so it doesnt matter i think.
purpose is to hide output from the commands, NIL: is what linux knows as /dev/null
Oh yeah, you had asked once does that make sense or if that makes sense. Well, I forgot to respond, but yes, it made perfect sense.
i already forgot that, should reread, but if it was of any use, then all is ok

btw: i found the iconbar name i'm running here, ToolManager, there is a config tool with
same name in Prefs folder. maybe you use the same

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