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Originally Posted by Omolungo View Post
So we hope to get the new 68000 adapter from kipper2k.

About the rear expansion slot be aware that there's enough space for db9s, scsi connector and hdmi output: in another CDTV I owned I had to cut part of metallic rear cover in order to fit them all (with exclusion of hdmi naturally).
Yes it looks like it would all fit. I was holding off trying to cut the old plate until I knew what all I was going to try to fit on it.
Seems like 3D printing one would be the easiest, if a little expensive, thing to do.

If we get a clockport adapter or even a dual one like Ian Stedman's or the Kato Dev one, then we can dream about adding dual USB and maybe some kind of audio header. Nice thing about the CDTV it appears to have a nearly standard old-style audio header, so we could inject the Prisma audio right into the motherboard and connect the CD audio to the CDDA connector (if it ever works) or the line in on the Prisma.
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