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Originally Posted by Omolungo View Post

I also got the front panel cables welded directly to motherboard in my CDTV

How did you fold the ide connector on V500?

And what about the hdmi output on the Vampire? It seems too tall to permit the closure of the case with the cable inserted
Oh I replaced the IDE connector with a right angle one, it may just work with the IDE cable crushed with the straight up connector, but I didn't like it. The HDMI cable is not a problem it's actually an extension cable that routes out to the expansion port on the back where the SCSI controller is. I need to 3D print an expansion cover with the two DB-9, HDMI and SCSI HD-50 connectors. Right now they all just sort of hang out that hole like an octopus. The tallest thing on the V500 is actually the JTAG connector and the plastic housing is nearly touching the top of the case.
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