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Idk if it is part of the corruption or if it is just a bad WinUAE setting BUT the whole part after the REVELATIONS text appears on the screen is gone for me i remember having seeing a white chainsaw thing back then which now just a black screen = c

also yea; i also notice there are some dots that might have not supposed to be there:

i downloaded the ADF one at an it has the title fixed;

however, both have this kinda logic bug where the bullets go far through the spaceship before exploding lol i wonder if this was like that on the original release? or perhaps a bad WinUAE setting as i said earlier:

also both; the one at here: and the one at Amiga Demoscene Archive also just has a black screen when after the REVELATIONS text appears on the screen for me, if yours has this fixed i would really appreciate if you could upload it if possible = ) it is not viable for me atm to download the entire TOSEC collection, also i can not believe how a demo this good could be so hard to find alright lol it was the first demo i ever could run using WinUAE time ago so i am fond to it, regards = 3
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