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Originally Posted by Omolungo View Post
Is it possible for you to show us some pics?
Just to see how many work needs the CDTV to fit the V500.
I did get the CDTV SCSI controller working with the binddrivers version. I tried to loadmodule the CDTV expansion ROM contents, that doesn't work.
Here is a pic showing the very small modifications.

The two caps that were moved to the bottom could just be replaced with smaller ones if you want those caps on the top of the board for some reason. Since these caps are 25 years old at this point it's probably a good idea.

Here's a side view

Here's a bonus pic, those terrible ribbon cables that drive the LCD display and IR controller are bastards to get reinserted, so I "replaced" them.

Also while you have the motherboard out, why not replace the legacy SRAM slot with something useful?

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