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yoo, amiga scene!

Hii, i have been around the forum for chiptune reasons for way too many time so i decided it was better to be part of the community = )

Regardless here where i am any amiga computer ever made an appareance at all, with my brother got hooked to some cracktros that came with our games back in the time, mostly psx's Paradox releases and enjoyed a lot those mods filled with arpeggio effects bundled on them lol

So searching about it i knew that the amiga demoscene was an actual thing so i spend countless hours watching all the most ranked demos on the Amiga Demoscene Archive's website since then

I have been experimenting using protracker to do amiga mods lately mostly for Battle of the Bits's compos and it was not just since a two weeks i finally could set up a working WinUAE workbench, so i am also actually learning how the OS works around and so far i am loving it!

I use amigaos 3.1 on both my laptop and on my Nintendo Wii using the Wii UAE emulator with both usb keyboard and mouse hooked to it, incredibly it works like a charm so far! lol

Also i am currently learning m68k asm hoping to release an amiga demo someday.

So far i am in love with this community and how nice and active all this scene looks, it seems i might have a fun time here = 3 btw; thanks you all for letting me in! =' D
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