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Originally Posted by Hiddenevil View Post
Good grief do you know me? Have we met before? No we havent so please refrain from making assumptions about me and we'll got on great.
I don't think I was harsh at all, and if I made it assumptions about you it was only in response to what you posted.

If your going sell a product then you have a duty to your customers.
You were never a customer. Sending an email to express interest does not make you a customer.

You can blanket this under the guise of a hobby as much as you like. But the Vampire is a product and the people paying for them are customers who deserve a degree of respect.
You never paid anything though, did you? Kipper's say on this final as far as I'm concerned so there's no point in me added anything. I'm just thankful that this kind of attitude didn't drive him away from the Amiga scene for good.
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