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Originally Posted by Marlon_ View Post
You signed an interest in the product, not a contract that you would get it for 150 EUR. If you read either Majsta or kipper's sites you would have gotten this information, where they explained exactly why the price increased. Sure they should have sent out an email with links to either site when it happened.

And I'm sorry if you took this as a personal attack, I'm just tired of reading people feeling entitled to this at a lower price like it would be a right rather than a privilege to get hold of one of these cards. I'm just venting rather than shutting up about it.

They're trying to correct their mistakes by getting their website up to par with an order page with the info. Sure 300€ was not really what I was hoping to pay to get a card for my A500+, but that's how it is now.

Thats perfectly alright and understandable. I wasn't offended just some of the attitudes on Amibay have left my feathers a little ruffled and questioning the Amiga community. I think we are both guilty of venting.

I have nothing but respect for the team making the Vampire cards, even though I do feel ignore and let down after my experience with them. I'd love nothing more then to support the project, but its frankly out of my price range now.
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