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same effect

Yes, this was my concern the first time it happened. But I try changing the name to Image1 and it took. (for a second or so to copy what it liked that I had put on that disk. Not sure which files are even supposed to be on there. I don't think it would've begun copying files if the disk name was wrong. Plus the others are named Image2 Image3) Yes, looking for a keyfile. But, it stopped (or found it) because it stopped giving me that prompt (after attempting the 7 disk install)

I try this. It changes the Opal Vision from starting in front of WorkBench to behind WorkBench. Still getting 2 cancels (as opposed to 6 with Opal_24 lha) (The Opal24 install would call up 6 cancels, but after the 7 disk complete install, on top of the pre existing O24 install the 7 disk complete install cut the cancels down)

So, I double click the assigns file you sent (w/ PS4.0 on the icon) and...

no cancels whatsoever. (seemless)

I try assign OpalPaint: dh1:apps/OpalPaint but it asks to insert drive dh1 on boot. So I change it to OpalPaint: dh0:apps/OpalPaint but same thing (cancels sandwiched in on boot) So then I try OpalPaint: dh0:apps/OpalVision/OpalPaint

same thing, (a few cancels) . (& now, booting below WorkBench)

I thought for sure your first shell command was going to work because it was going to do the same thing to another file in the same drawer.

How come

run > NIL: dh0:OpalVision/OpalPaint >NIL:

starts Opal Paint no problem, but...

run > NIL: dh0:OpalVision/assigns >NIL:

does not start the assigns file?Name:  AssignsImage.PNG
Views: 419
Size:  733 Bytes

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

PS also noticed in the above command, a space in between the > and NIL on the fist portion "> NIL:" of the line and at the end of the line, no space ">NIL:" It's working, so assume this is correct? (working on OpalPaint, not assigns file lol) Oh yeah, you had asked once does that make sense or if that makes sense. Well, I forgot to respond, but yes, it made perfect sense.

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