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Originally Posted by Hiddenevil View Post
Just because you havent witnessed it does not mean it doesn't exist, so try to give people the benefit. Also if your going to offer a counter arguement try not to attack the person with derogetory remarks as it not only makes you appear crass, but also reaffirms what I was saying about the community and casts the forum in a bad light.

Allow me to address one or two of your points.

No I didnt feel entitled to pay 90 euro that was an unsastainable price. I had agreed to 150 EUR when without any notification I was asked to pay 250+shipping without any prior notification even though I had signed up to the mailing list. Which was meant to keep me informed or so I was led to believe.

Say five months ago I agreed to sell my Blizzard 1260 to my pal Dave while down the pub, we shake on a price and thats that. Then as time passes I realise that I cut myself a little short and should have asked Dave for more money. Do I get in touch with him or when the time comes just ask him for 50% more then we agreed on? One of those options is going to lead to Dave feeling miffed that his times been wasted, which how I felt when I was asked to pay for my Vampire card.

I dont feel entitled in the slightest as you've clearly read what I said, I was trying to support what I thought was a worth while project. But that doesnt mean I nor anyone else who has been waiting should have their emails ignored and not be kept appraised of price changes.
You signed an interest in the product, not a contract that you would get it for 150 EUR. If you read either Majsta or kipper's sites you would have gotten this information, where they explained exactly why the price increased. Sure they should have sent out an email with links to either site when it happened.

And I'm sorry if you took this as a personal attack, I'm just tired of reading people feeling entitled to this at a lower price like it would be a right rather than a privilege to get hold of one of these cards. I'm just venting rather than shutting up about it.

They're trying to correct their mistakes by getting their website up to par with an order page with the info. Sure 300€ was not really what I was hoping to pay to get a card for my A500+, but that's how it is now.
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