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Not too stressed with the size of the taskbar icon. I have a dock program that's much better than this stock windows one. I just don't use it as it takes up too many resources. But, when I get things dialed in...

OK. Sweet. here it goes...

OK. I haven't gone back to 'dial in' the svg. It's about 1.8 megs. I can't go over 100 kb's for txt files. I could probably accomplish this, but I have to go do some node shifting and apply a gradient for the 'brush' portion of the picture. Maybe idk if it's possible, you can send me an email in the eab inhouse msg system? I can send files this size and bigger ones with google drive.

I'm trying to set up Opal Paint to start, like I have with DPaint(s). Which by the by, I can make DPaint V start on top of workbench, DPaint IV starts, but it's behind the workbench screen. (I try moving the command from the top to the bottom of the user startup to no avail) It (Opal Paint) opens, but the assigns file (you sent me) won't engage. I tried entering the command twice (to no avail) thinking it equated to a double click (lol)...

Click image for larger version

Name:	OpalStartup.PNG
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It seemed the last time, days ago, when I touched this config, after double clicking the assigns, Opal Paint found the keyfile. Now, when I double click assigns, then Opal Paint, it works seemlessly, but the 'can't find keyfile' promt comes up. No biggie, just click OK. (Don't know if features are inhibited) I suppose I should check out grandis. Or actually, check out my own folders, lol, first. (may have done this and forgot)

Do assigns want a different way of being told how to engage?

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

JUST FOUND OpalVision_Complete in the Zone!

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