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extended roms missing prefix "American Laser Games" in drop down menu:
Nova Platoon V.3.1 US (256k)
Web Picmatic Zorton Brothers (Los Justicieros) (128k)

Nova and Web Picmatic are the software companies, shouldn't they move behind the game title - tosec style?

#1) when i softreset (right mouse click on power button) my ALG config,
the ntsc screen moves up, just one big black bar on buttom of screen.
while it has even black bars on top and buttom running for the first time.
a500 in NTSC mode - beta18 - happens also in beta17 - test in window mode.

i cannot remember this behavior, can anyone confirm?

#2) i have a config with z3 ram, once i start the config, i cannot change amount of Z3 ram,
if Z3 ram slider is none, it still shows configured 32-bit adress space: 144MB. Beta 17 & 18
same config in 3.3.0 final shows: configured 32-bit Ram 16M

#3) my config lists 2x Z3 mem ( no other Z3 entries in config), is this normal?:

i deleted the "z3mem2_size=128" from config. z3 ram slider to none in beta 17 & 18:
Configured 32-bit address space: 16M

not sure if this is a bug, maybe you can make something out of it, otherwise, skip #2 - #3.
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