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Originally Posted by tin View Post
I have to agree with the guys defending the expense.

I should say I am one of those that put their name down when the vampire 600 was 90 eur, received nothing and am now being asked to pay 250 eur for (practically) the same thing 3 years late. Obviously it is very hard for me not to be... shall we say... disappointed.

I placed my order (at 290 eur) for the black version without delay.

Same goes for Jens. In what land do you pay 130 eur for a 100mbps network card? In Amiga-land of course (that reminds me I need to buy another...)

Fact is at cheap prices, these things weren't getting made in any number. Going off to (perhaps expensive) manufacturing, and hopefully some extra money in the calculations to make the guys an actual profit means that these things will actually get made, new ones get designed and hopefully there'll end up enough out there for a reasonably active community. That it also limits the ebay gougers is no bad thing.

We have to also remember its not like there's any kind of huge market for Amiga stuff any more. All the time, energy and one-off costs go into maybe 1000 units? 2000 if we're lucky?

Nah, while it is galling - the promise of A600 utopia for 90 eur was a beautiful thing - but I'd much rather pay my 290 eur, actually get a board, and not see the guys that have the skills to create such things get pissed off and leave the scene altogether.
Just leaving out the discussion of price;

Its odd you didnt get anything before since you pre-ordered..? Did you sign up on the Amibay thread? I see alot of people that has waited for a good while, myself included, and we kept requenting IRC. I poked Kipper there to verify that the order was in etc.
Not to grind salt in your wound, but again, very suprised you had to wait this long.
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