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Originally Posted by Sinphaltimus View Post
A GTX 1080 video card for a PC is worth more than the mainboard you plug it into.

Most vintage computers are available for less money than most things you could buy for them to add to.

You'll frequently find TI-99/4a computers for around $30 US in working condition, almost all add ons for that are more.

I understand it's expensive for you, it is expensive for me as well. But because it is more expensive than the computer doesn't mean it is too expensive, especially because too expensive is a relative term.

Just a counter point not to be argumentative with your opinion.
Hey, no offence taken! It's precisely this that we should be doing in a forum: exchanging ideas. All your points were valid points. Yet, for me, it all stands as before: the new Vampire's prices are just too steep for what they are. It's a personal opinion based on some price comparing, product analysis and a degree of gut feeling. I have a nagging sense that I will, eventually and down the line, own a Vampire2 of some sort, but it won't be any time soon due to their current price. Still, they're great pieces of hardware and they make your beloved miggys more capable and "modern". That can only be a good thing.
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