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Hum. Everyone's saying it elsewhere but no-one says it here? Dunno why. I think that forums are meant for communication and we can't communicate effectively if we don't share our true feelings, right? Well, then... somebody's gotta say it, so guess it's gonna have to be me: As it is, the Vampires are too expensive. When a board costs more than the computer that it's supposed to enhance, then it's too expensive. I'm not dissing the boards, mind you! Not by any chance! I love them and the work that was put into them is extremely respectable and worthy. I think this is the future and that FPGA will revolutionise the Amiga world. However, their current market cost is just too hight. I know that the production costs have to be met, the producers have to pay for the expense and still have some profit and that the market drives the price and that availability is a paid commodity, etc. I know. But, for me, they're just too expensive. Inevitably, the prices will drop sometime in the future and I guess I'll wait until they do. Anyway, don't let my stance deter you. I honestly wish you good luck with business, mates! Keep on helping the Amiga stay alive.
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