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Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
This proxy server with simple layout seems to do the job here, so give it a whirl on AWeb. I pulled it off a handy website that has compiled a huge list of proxy servers (see HERE).
That one worked eventually! The proxy home page won't load on AWeb due to JavaScript so I had to get the full site's URL from my Mac then get a shortlink to enter on AWeb. In this case I used:
Full URL:
My Shortlink: (Example. Might cause a hotlinking error after a while but works if link is fresh.)


Once the Wikipedia homepage loads just add it to your Hotlist and it's ready to go.

I've got to say it's quite amazing that one of the first home computers from 30 years ago now has the wealth of the world's information on it and that I can look up anything about anything and get the result in under 3 minutes!

Well done us! I wonder if this is the first Amiga 500 running https Wikipedia...

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