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Looks like ransom1122 has discovered another bug; on stage 2 you will hear a high-pitched sound every 10 seconds or so...

I've taken a look and this effects all "TRSI" cracked / trained versions

The "Flashtro" crack is fine though is of course the .IPF

So, if you want to play this via disk with WinUAE then really your only options are to use either the "Flashtro" crack or the .IPF + cheatcode.

On a side note; the HOL cheatcode should be updated to something like:

- During play, type “VICKY” and press ‘RETURN’. You should now receive the following: 
     ... 99 lives
     ... 99 grenades
     ... Unlimited energy
     ... All weapons
     ... Keep the last weapon used when you die

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