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New Update

I have currently WinUAE3.3 and WinUAE Public Beta 15, 2016.11.06 64-bit.
I installed WinUAE3.3 first.

I put a shortcut to DPaint4 config. It opened WinUAE! But, WinUAE hangs, waiting for one to press the start button.

The config opened using WinUAE3.3 (Not sure if this is because that was the last version I used or if it has priority or if the config was made with that version)

Is there a way to tell WinUAE to start that config if executed from a config file, (or technically, from a shortcut to a config file?) Maybe I try isolate each WinUAE version and try each one. (Not sure if this feature was thought of or incorporated into any of these WinUAE versions)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

PS Looked in misc settings of WinUAE only saw 2 start related items. If there is a resolve, I can use your example above to start DPaint on startup (Amiga side) and bam, quick access via taskbar!

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