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Originally posted by Frederic
Bloodwych listen to Manix, an STe is the way to go. Its can be had cheap nowadays.
Manix, how many bloody games make s up 4.7 gigs??
Erm...toooooooooooooooooooo many! I made the ultimate ST DVD collection a month ago. This includes many menus, games, programs, YMs, SNDs, and shitloads of other stuff (not to forget my favourite, demos).

As for the STE and the games that came up just for it, I would say the ratio is exactly the same as the AGA games for the Amiga. Bear in mind, that STE games started coming up as soon as in 1990 (Wings of Death by Thalion was one of the first to come up) and continued coming up until 2000+!

Best of all, is that there are STE games that take full advantage of the Jaguar pad (Substation is one of them)! Basically, you can buy a 520 STE for as much as 15 GBP, and buy cheap 30 Pin SIMMs for 1 or 2 quid. Basically, I found 4 Megs for 1 Euro!!! I love ebay. If only I could find a cheap cyberstorm for my A4k ...
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