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Great tool!

Even though I had higher expectations, to seamlessly integrate this into 3.5 would be a chore in itself. Great tool though.

What about the Magic WorkBench. Doesn't it have presets or something for the desktop? Did Reaction make something like this?

It's ok. I can search these things out. Main thing we got P96 figured out. Which by the way I've got DPaint IV and V both on their own configs and each using P96. Only DPaint V makes uae dumps if I go to uae settings in screen mode. (& if I try to go back, its bad news) (Good thing for backups) (I just stick with ntsc 640 x 400) But it can work with P96 installed.

Also noticed 39 install looking for the name of the empty hard drive. (So bunny pasting guts is out of the question, gives me too many mystery conflicts)

Now I'm thinking about making a shortcut for my win8 desktop with a custom icon for my Amiga apps. Can I put a config file on the desktop and double click it to start it in WinUAE? & if so, could I also tell the Amiga side (in user startup) to open say DPaint V on boot? (I think that would be boss to have these things available on my win8 taskbar!)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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