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A couple of new things.

Thank you. Thank you. I figured it out. I'm using Avira Scout search engine with Avira anti virus. It was dabbling with saving user names and passwords. (Had to tell it nope when it asked to save) Also had user name wrong. (Thanks for the link)

I poke around MUI online..

I find this statement at classic amiga...

The demo version of MUI is available for free download below. It is fully functional and sufficient to run any MUI application. However, MUI's advanced configuration options for user interface design are not available unless you are personally registered. And although development of MUI stopped in 2003 you can still officially register MUI to unlock the options for user interface design at the official MUI webiste

I try mui-key.lha/grandis to no avail. (or maybe they were availing and I hadn't provided what it was looking for) I noticed mui-key.lha was twice the size of the grandis version. (6.+ kb's vs 3 kb's) (respectively)

Also saw something called DosUae. (runs Unix?) Are there many guys running this? (compared to WinUAE?)

Maybe I just fill out the registry, Jon Doe style, inside my A4000/WinUAE build/config, which is not connected online, and it finds what it's looking for? (I think I tried that once) (Will try again with new keys) Standby... ... ... (OK. Scratch that. It just brought me to view or print order form) (Still not testing, saving, nor using)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

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