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What is currently the best / most preferred method to determine whether a certain WinUAE soundbuffer setting is 100% glitch free?

For example in Wasapi-EX mode and low latency vsync, the lowest buffer settings for my setup produce some glitches (i.e. for setting Min, 1 and 2), but now I want to know whether buffer setting 3 is really 100% glitch free when run for a longer time.

Since this is sometimes hard to judge during game and demo music, I'm looking for the best way to go about it.

Should I look for zero "pull overflow" messages in the log to ascertain that the audio is 100% glitch free, or could that still mean there might be some (unnoticable?) glitches in the stream?

Or would running Protracker in the emulated environment using the "tunetone" function to produce a constant sound and listening to that for any glitches be the best way? Any advice on how to best determine whether an audio setting is 100% glitchfree would be welcome.

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