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J-Cart? What the hell? I had played Micro Machines 2 on the MD and it has no joysticks ports on it... it's the first time I hear about it.

Sharing pads in MM V3 on PSX isn't half bad, we get lots of fun here when we do it. Me and my mates are getting some money together to buy a multi-tap, and we surely will try the 8 players mode

I have never played Super Skidmarks, I only played the 1st one. It was good, but not excellent really. I personally love All Terrain Race, though the multiplayer mode kind sucks. But for single-player action, it's still unmatched IMO.

For multiplayer, Micro Machines takes the cake

And about Battletoads, the miggy version is eons away from the NES or the MD version. I love Battletoads, but the Amiga version is a travesty.
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