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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
That is exactly how real Amiga keyboard works. First comes special key code that tells following key(s) are pressed at powerup, then comes key codes (or none), then comes another special code that signals end of power up pressed keys.
Ah cool, I didn't know that.

But shouldn't it then -only- apply to keys that are held down at the time the keyboard is connected (i.e. the emulated Amiga recognizes the keys that are pressed down when keyboard gets connected / powered up)?

Because currently in WinUAE (e.g. when in Amiga shell) I can "disconnect" keyboard, type "Amiga rulez", walk away to get a coffee, come back 5 minutes later, then "connect" keyboard and see magically typed into the screen "Amiga rulez". I guess that shouldn't really be possible, or maybe I'm misunderstanding something?
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