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What to add to an Amiga 2000


I have several Amiga´s (Amiga CD32, 500, 1000, 1200, 4000) but I recently bought an Amiga 2000. Never had one before. It has a stock configuration (apart from kickstart 3.1) with no extra memory or expansion cards.

My question is. What kind of extra goodies can I install, apart from the usual old card´s that cost an fortune on Ebay?

I was thinking of an Gotek in the second floppy drive slot. A zip drive (Scsi) in the 5 1/4 drive slot. Do I need an extra expansion card for the scsi interface?

I would like som more memory and a hard drive option. Preferably with a modern card.

Any suggestions?

PS! If you have a "pimped" Amiga 2000, leave a picture or youtube link. I would love to see it for inspiration.
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