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@Starglider 2
I hope sparks don't come flying out of your A500!

Edit: BTW the ASCII pRon sites were a great blast from the past! I was heavily into BBS's on both the C64 and Amiga in the 1980s/90s and always had great admiration for talented ASCII artists. I was quite chuffed when an ASCII artist I barely knew did my nick as a pressie for helping out his sister on IRC back in the 90s. I still use it to this day in .nfo and ReadMe files!

Anyway, with the advent of the internet there are no shortage of websites now that will crank out some stylish ASCII art. Who knows, they may even work on AWeb! (text to ASCII generator) (text to ASCII generator) (text to ASCII generator) (picture to ASCII converter) (picture to ASCII converter) (IFF picture to ASCII converters on Amiga)

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