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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
It turns out I was wrong, and I'm glad that Etze is still around and that I can now have contact with him. My offer of help still stands - I will gladly give any and all help I can to improve ADF-Blitzer and any other packages he would like help with.
I must say that after all these years I still use ADF-Blitzer for writing ADFs to disk as it's still the fastest out there! It would be great if you and Etze could co-operate to make a couple of key improvements, which IMHO would make it an absolute winner. The things I always missed in ADF-Blitzer were: (a) the ability to write ADFs to rad: or similar; and (b) being able to format/verify disks while writing ADFs back to floppy.

Is there any possibility of these two features being added in the near future?
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