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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
You may need modified joystick, it is possible game only gets confused if up/down state changes and also both up and down are active at the same time. This state is normally impossible when using any physical joystick or dpad.
Ok, just plugged in my Xbox 360 wireless controllers... matter how hard or how much I jerk / waggle my joystick / d-pad it will not freeze / crash

Originally Posted by Belgarath View Post
just played through entire first level, no freezing with a 68020 cpu selected.
Yeah all good Belgo but...

a) using the .IPF it won't load with a 68020 CPU selected.
b) using any of the cracks, it may not crash when waggling but there are obvious graphics issues when changing direction.

I guess if you want to play this game in WinUAE without freezing / crashes then you need to use a proper joystick and not keyboard emulation
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