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Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
Great stuff Brian
what are the dimensions you have for the stand offs and screws ?, I found that the 2mm x 15mm long screws are good to use but you will have to drill the slots with a 2mm drill first, also I used some nylon stand offs similar to yours which were 8mm long on my Furia ,like these

screws are 1.6mm x 16mm (nuts obviously 1.6mm too. Gap between mobo and bottom of vampire is approx 8mm, screws fit through the holes with no drilling.

On a side note, i have to have hand surgery (again) on Monday, so i am going to try to get all of batch 2 done prior to tis, and then i am out of action for about 3 weeks. (which is about same time as the arrival of batch 3)
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