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I have messaged Etze privately as well, but I wanted to make a public apology as well for modifying his code without permission. My reasoning for doing so are that I did try to make contact to offer my help as requested in the ADF-Blitzer readme for improcing the program. That email bounced due to a lapsed domain so I tried another address found on another one of his readme files. That didn't bounce, but there was no response. Looking at all the packages released by Etze on Aminet, the most recent was more than a decade old, so I wrongly assumed that, like so many other Amiga developers, Etze had left the Amiga scene many years ago. Even so, I left the original version intact on Aminet rather than replacing it, just in case Etze ever came back to it or anyone else wanted his version.

It turns out I was wrong, and I'm glad that Etze is still around and that I can now have contact with him. My offer of help still stands - I will gladly give any and all help I can to improve ADF-Blitzer and any other packages he would like help with. I will also have my version removed from Aminet straight away if required with no questions or hard feelings.

I hope this apology is accepted and that Etze accepts my offer of help to improve this excellent and very useful program.
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