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Originally Posted by Lane View Post

That said, I do not recall ever seeing the Amiga in the wild during it's production run (or Atari STs, for that matter). Either in stores, school, business, someone's home, etc. It was all 8-bit machines until the late 80s. Then it was mostly PCs, the occasional Mac, and some SGI workstations in college.

Maybe they were more prevalent in other areas of NA, but I never saw one.
I saw both Amigas and Atari ST and TT computers in stores in Southern California, we also had Computer shows and swap meets for just about any computer you could imagine. I never saw an Amiga 600 or 1200 in the U.S. but I saw A500, A1000, A2000 and up to the A4000. The A2000 - A4000 series were very popular in TV stations and Cable systems.

In the 80's many computer stores had both Amiga and Atari computers, by the 90's you had to go to a dedicated Commodore or Atari store to buy one, they could also be found at the monthly computer shows in Southern California.

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