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Not sure if this is a WinUAE problem; more like bad cracks...

All of the .ADFs are cracked by TRSI and then trained by various others.

Tried numerous thing to stop this randomly freezing such as:

a) A500 OCS / ECS Quickstarts
b) various RAM settings
c) different Kickstarts
d) ticking "Wait for Blitter"
e) ticking "Immediate Blitter"

I have managed to complete all of level one using "Arnie 2 (1993)(Zeppelin)[cr TRSI][t +15 ZNT].adf" and an ECS Agnus / 1MB Chip configuration 3 times now...but that's after trying say 15 times:

I did try the .IPF but unfortunately I'm not good enough to last more than a few minutes so can't really test it properly.
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