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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
For anyone interested in a UN-edited more truthful account you can find one here:
I have seen the official public release of the court documents somewhere online in the past but can't seem to find them at the moment.
The crux of the matter was that Atari stumped up $500.000 and if it wasn't paid back in a month they would gain the Amiga, along came Commodore with a much better offer and the Amiga team went with them.
Most important thing when you write about this topic is to write: "Atari Inc. stumped up $500.000" ... ""

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Atari took it to court saying the Amiga was rightfully theirs but lost, and the rights were confirmed as belonging to Commodore.
Commodore first sue Tramel Technology, Ltd. accusing ex-Commodore employees for taking trade secrets (particularly Shiraz Shivji) since MANY Commodore employees left Commodore to follow Jack Tramiel in new company (yes, Jack was "terrible person" (IF you watch Kim Justice videos!...) but somehow, many of his employees keep following him).

Only later Jack found out (it was his son Leonard) for Atari Inc. - Amiga contract and use it to contra sue Commodore!

Atari Corp. eventually got this case since Commodore pay them in out of court settlement and agree to pay all court costs.

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
The Amiga team made the right decision I think, the Commodore problems started with that ape Irving Gould and his cohort Mehdi Ali much later.
It was not "right" decision but it was ONLY decision since Amiga team try for year to find ANY investor for their future computer but no one (Sony, Apple, Kodak, even Commodore with Jack Tramiel...) was not interested in Amiga so eventually Amiga was forced to sign such peskiness deal with Atari Inc. and take $500.000! (yes: ugliness of free market and capitalist economy)

Amiga actually got quite lucky when Jack Tramiel left Commodore. If he had not leave Commodore, Amiga would end up with Atari Inc. which lose BIG money and probably soon would go bankrupt and Amiga would never see day of light.
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