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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
One : I don't think it's fair that you insult someone in this way, especially when they are not around to defend themselves, It's cowardly and disgusting.
What is disgusting is that I already wrote to Kim Justice over youtube telling him to not spread lies about Jack Tramiel and Amiga since his channel is quite popular, lot of people will get wrong information. And what that asshole does? Make another two videos repeating same lies!!!

That is disgusting.

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Two: this very fact makes all your edits dubious, since you seem to be fueled by personal contempt. I would suggest anyone to undo any changes you have made until a more neutral person steps in to correct mistakes.
I agree.
I started thread on where I will collect all URL regarding this Jack Tramiel - Amiga topic: There I will add URLs as I find them on internet...

Regarding wikipedia: I just edited statement that Jack Tramiel lend money to Amiga which is not true. I also left URLs on talk page regarding this topic for future investigation.
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