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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Wikipedia is accurate about the Amiga almost being a Atari machine though,
I will repeat again: Wikipedia is accurate now; but not so long ago article stated that Jack Tramiel invest $500.000 in Amiga...

Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
it was the court case between them and Commodore that decided that fate!
more precise: out of court settlement. Jack Tramiel in last interview (by 8bit generation) that Commodore pay million (not sure, I need to check) plus all court costs. (note: Jack also wrongly remember that he called company "Commodore" because of Opel Commodore which come many years later!)


Biggest problem of man kind is universal "platform for common ground".
Mankind had great opportunity to have system for writing on computers imagined by Ted Nelson; system that would preserve provenance of information ("copy and paste" on computer should always remember: from where, who and when copied) but instead we are stuck with "404" internet by Tim B. Lee...
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