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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
OK. I'll give you a little history lesson and a link to read through which gives you most of the story.
The initial funding that was given to Jay Minor for the Amiga development was given by the Warner owned Atari, in return Atari was to gain exclusive right to the Amiga for 12 months. Jack Tramiel came along in the middle of all this and this is where things got complicated.
Anyway read about it all yourself, it's quite the story. Wikipedia has a general description of what went on at the time, there is more accurate citations out there but it gives the general idea.
I EDITE THAT WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE because not so long ago it also stated that Jack Tramiel gave $500.000 to Amiga team!

That asshole, Kim Justice, base his entire 30 minutes crap video (story) around how Jack wanted Amiga chips WHICH IS complete nonsense!

I did not edit "Amiga_Corporation" (thanks for bring my attention) article on wikipedia but these two:

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