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Much Appreciated!

Excellent script! It's incredible! I had been working on the OV2.2 adf install for days now. (So I skipped it and went on to the next) I thought I'd read there was a bad sector on Install2. So I put the Opal Paint lha to bed, inserted a fresh, newer version in it's place. (That was when I was asking about building an lha) I must have tried it 50 to 100 times. At one point I almost had it to the end and pressed the wrong key and it aborted again! Most times it immediately, "guru meditated" on the palettes portion of the install. (Install2) The AnimMATE started having trouble. (Can't remember how I got past that)

But it's working great now. I had Opal24 on deck. (Thought I was going to do the full install on adf version and update with Opal24_020. ) I just put the Opal-Assigns in the Opal Vision folder, double click it prior to opening Opal Vision and it's working! Thank you so much!

I went to load my pic and got a split second view screenshot of the pic as I was scrolling the page...

Click image for larger version

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Do I need to change the screen mode or read the manual? Is there a manual download? Oops, scratch that, just found the guide!

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

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