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Nope. Been playing with 720x576 custom resolution with the BenQ BL 912 connected to DVI and around the 50.128Hz mark. 50.128Hz gives a small stutter now and then. And every mark close to this frequency also gave a small stutter. Btw, 19 inch screen is bit too big for Amiga in my opinion. the 17 inch BenQ BL 702A looks better than BL 912 for gaming and demos.

So the last setting I tried was a few tads below 50.128Hz. It's not like I notice that small stutter when I play games. Games scrolls very smooth. I usually use Pinball dreams vertical and horizontal text or Yo Joe! train scrolling to see if there are any stutter. But for playing games it's smooth enough so I don't notice anything. Will mess around with it some more tomorrow. Will also try the BenQ BL 912 with DVI to VGA adapter to see how that is.

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