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Originally Posted by trixster View Post
I would be interested to see a 50hz video of the screen tear you're seeing. With 50hz set on mine, with the monitor I'm using, I can sit and watch pinball dreams scroll vertically indefinitely with not a hint of smear, tear or stutter. Similarly I can watch Jim power to test horizontal scrolling with no stutter. Perhaps my eyes cannot discern a problem, but it is enough for me to conclude that the Indi aga 2 can deliver smooth output with the right monitor.
And you did this at 720x576 as custom resolution? No other resolution is interesting to me as this is the resolution Indy ECS, BenQ BL 702A connected directly to RGB and I would also assume Mist Amiga uses it. At this resolution games with overscan and everything will show correctly in my opinion.

I will try and finetune my BenQ BL 912 and see what happens.
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