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Originally Posted by trixster View Post
Can you not achieve the 50hz in the config for your PAL resolution?

Does your Phillips LED display 50hz correctly at these lower resolutions?
This phillips screen will not support 50Hz. I have BenQ screens that will support 50Hz. But no point on the Indivision MK2 AGA because it's missing Vsync. So even if I tweak it around 50Hz it will not be perfectly smooth. Screen tear now and then will occur.

I can connect the BenQ BL 702A and BL 912 directly to the RGB for butter smooth scrolling. The Indivisiont ECS will support 50Hz and scanlines but has issues with storing settings. So it will revert back to 62Hz after a reboot. So that is not an option.

I'm considering a Mist FPGA because this one can go 50Hz and scanlines at the same time. It also has some shader settings I believe. And it will support a variety of other retro systems.
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