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Originally Posted by JZon View Post
And A4000 68030 Opal Vision, for quick copying. It's the 68060 bb2 config I'm using. I went to install mui38usr first...

It aborted the install. (on 39bb2!)
the problem with mui and the " " file, normaly can prevented when you extract the mui38usr.lha in the ram disk ( ram: ) - this is really a file with just a "whitespace" as name - inside mui38usr-lha archive.

when installing mui, it should also select the sys: folder on its own, if not,
or if you cannot find "sys:" in the volume list, just type in "sys: in the drawer box and push enter, i think this should work too. default install folder should be sys:mui.

if mui chooses sys: it will work when you make copies for another configuration.
(compared to changing volume-names, like work030: or work060: )
if you have problems with mui in another copied config, look into s:user-startup
there you should see some assign config for mui. - change the path if you need to.

i was using opalvision software from aminet (opalpaint 2.4).
but it does not have an installer.
you have to copy the content of libs fonts prefs into sys:fonts sys:libs sys:Prefs
for the opalvision folder you have to add an assign in s:user-startup
try using Diskmaster for those copy stuff. it's easier compared to shell/cli commands

or copy my attached script into the folder where you have the opalpaint program,
double click should set the assigns. it's just a simple text script:
Assign OpalVision: ""
Assign OpalPaint: ""
it will set the assigns in the current folder, so you have to start the script
in the correct folder before you start opalpaint..
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