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Originally Posted by amenophis View Post
Hi Clebin,

Thanks a lot for your support!

The slight difference you can see between the case & keycaps colors on the simulator is normal and on purpose.

Like on the KS page, keycaps sets are ONE tone up, in the PANTONE chart, relative to their case color.

This for the keyboard to have more personality.
Ah, that explains it - thanks Phil! Now I know it's deliberate I think it works really well. I wonder how the Rubine Red would look if the keys had the same pinkish hue as the case, but as I didn't pledge for a red case my opinion doesn't really count!

BTW, I think a grey & white combo looks great on the simulator to subtly modernise a classic white machine. The brownish tint to the special keys makes sense on the earlier beige Amigas, but against the white A1200 I think the straight grey looks very stylish.

Good luck with the rest of the campaign!
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