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Error Line 299!

OK. I started with a fresh install. Saved replicant directories, changed each build to:

A4000 68030 Opal Vision(39)
A4000 68030 Opal Vision(39bb1)
A4000 68030 Opal Vision(39bb2)

Oops. Just noticed I hadn't changed the name of the directory from 68030 to 68060. It's a 68060 config. (shouldn't matter)

And A4000 68030 Opal Vision, for quick copying. It's the 68060 bb2 config I'm using. I went to install mui38usr first...

Click image for larger version

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It aborted the install. (on 39bb2!)

It did the same thing on the actual 68030 install the first time, which prompted me to try the 68060 config.

I wonder which file or drawer it's looking for? I had a similar problem once with either P96 or MMULib wanting to install to Work: (I ended up making a folder in dh0: a few times, then I tried ENV:/SYS: ) It didn't prefix anything on the install script. (& aborted when it didn't find anything) But env/sys and a new drawer, "work" on dh0: worked fine both ways. (Just don't know where it wanted to go, I think SYS: ) ((didn't find it in the directory tree on install))

(I'm going to go back and fix the name from 68030 to 68060 P96 etc)

I actually had this problem before on another install. Never heard anything back. I think it was this post. LOL I can't think of anything mui would need that bb2 wouldn't have.

OK. Thank you very much! Brother Jzon

PS. Standby for SnoopDOS report.

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