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try this in a shell: list c:lha#?
this should list all tools starting with lha in your c: folder.
if there is nothing download to ram: and run it on a shell:
cd ram:

it will extract some veersion of lha:

now on the shell this one:
copy lha_68k c:lha

the 68k version should work with all CPUs, so it is adviced to use this one.

and command line for lha:
lha a -r Opal.lha work:Opalvision dh0:dpaint
will create Opal.lha archive from the folder work:Opalvision and dh0:dpaint including subfolders ( recursive)

there are some tools on aminet which allow some kind of drag & drop of files into an appicon. but I have to search for them, i forgot their name

here are some more userfriendly tools:
DiskMaster - here you can use menu Archives -> Add Lha - to build an archive from selected files/folder.

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