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Originally Posted by TroyWilkins View Post
Ok, I'm starting to get a little annoyed with the composite video output I'm currently using, it's nowhere near as good (obviously) as how I remember things looking on my 1084s back in the day, or the NEC multisync I replaced it with. So I started looking into what my options are.
Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
You couldn't possibly be using component video if you're getting those artifacts.
I went back to check in case I'd made the mistake of mixing up composite and component, and I didn't, it is composite from the A600.

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
I suggest investing in a good quality RGB to YUV converter. I use the Cypress CSY-2100 and the results are 99% as good as a display with an actual RGB input. It's a must have for any Amiga user unlucky enough to live in this country.
Is this what you mean?

So get one of theose and an Amiga RGB 23-pin to scart, and then connect from the YUV to the TV?

Wow, $145.40 Australian. And I'd still need to get a scart cable.

The Indivision ECS costs $144.38 Australian Dollars at the current exchange rate.

Hmm, I think I'd prefer the Indivision for that kind of money. But thank you for the suggestion, it is very much appreciated.
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