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New version of ADF-Blitzer Released

The ADF floppy image reading and writing tool ADF-Blitzer has had a bit of an overhaul, and its first updated in over 15 years. The code's had an extensive rework, with a number of clean-ups and a few new features, including:

- Progress bar and cancel button
- Multi-disk writing
- Reworked GUI to fix some minor issues
- Low memory mode (no need to load entire ADF into memory), so works on 1MB Amigas now
- Proper error checking for opening files, drives etc.
- Fast RAM is no longer required

ADF-Blitzer version 3 is now available to download from Aminet.

I tried to get in touch with the original author for his permission to use his code but got no response, so I'm hoping he doesn't mind... Also, I've left the previous version (2.20) available on Aminet so that people can still use that version if desired.

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