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Thanks Fred, I'll certainly give that a go.

Recently I've been feeling the need to pick up a second hand Atari ST. I used to have the single sided 520STFM before migrating to the miggy. I'm not the type to pick up loads of redundant hardware, but I have felt the need to buy back the machines I used to own from yesteryear.

First games - Barbarian, Star Wars and Super Sprint. Oh yeah, and that free asteroids game. Then games like Beyond the Ice Palace, Falcon, Defender of the Crown, Xenon, Time Bandit and Plutos seem to stick in my mind as well. Plus the ST was the very first machine on which I played Bloodwych - in demo format off a cover disk round a friends house. Then I went home and ordered it for the Amiga.

So what's the best model to pick up for compatibility with the Automation ect collections? 1024 STFM?
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