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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
The Atari ST is similar because it uses a 68000 clocked at the same speed and a bitmapped screen using bitplanes. The Amiga can be regarded as a superset of the ST.

The X68000 has lots of sprites, a tile mode for background graphics, a text mode and multiple bitmap playfields that can all be superimposed. It's not even a superset of an Amiga, it's just alien.

By comparison, the Archimedes is much more similar.
Well, then... you're basically saying the same thing I did, no? I did reinforce the notion that the X68000 was better than the Amiga, something that I didn't do to any of the others, including the 386 because, honestly, I don't think they were better (despite the Intel 80386 being, theoretically, a more powerful and able processor than the Motorola 68000. The processor, by itself, does not define the computer's gaming prowess). The Archimedes has a full 32/32bit processor (as is the i80386) while the others have a 16/32bit. Even so, the X68000 would be my pick in 1987 (release year of both the X68000 and the Amiga 500. By this time, the usual Mac was the 512kb and the best PC - if you were lucky/rich - was a 1MB 386@20MHz with a VGA board and an AdLib sound card). The X68000 was a spectacular machine for its time, something really earth-shattering that we, westerners, unfortunately were barred from. In the west, the X68000 "equivalent" was the Amiga (hence the aforementioned similarities and the whole reason of this thread). The Amiga has custom ships that the Atari ST, being based on off-the-shelf components, lacks. By your logic I could dismiss your metaphor of the Amiga as a superset Atari ST.

In reality, though, and despite the supremacy of the X68000, they are - as I have being saying all along - more similar than different and I would always include the X68000 in the same league as the OCS Amiga, the ST (and STe), the 386 PC, the Archimedes and the first gen Macintosh, just as we tend to group all the early to mid 1980's 8bits into the same pool, despite huge differences as seen between the ZX81 or the ZX Spectrum 48k and the Turbo-R, the Sam Coupé or even the MSX2+. Basically they're still similar and comparable, even though they are far more different amongst themselves than the Amiga and the X68000 are between them.

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